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    Help Nolan On His Road to Recovery #fightlikeaCyr

    The Casco Bay Hockey Family has received some sad news about one of our skaters. Please read on to learn about Nolan Cyr's brave fight against cancer and contribute if you are able.

    In Nolan's mom's words: "This cute boy is probably the most lovable, caring and precious boy you will ever meet. He's been having some trouble with his left knee for the last couple of months. The pain would come and go but he had a limp. So we took him to the orthopedist this past Thursday night for what we thought was a sports injury. They did an x-ray of his leg and noticed something off about the base of his left femur. The doctor kept saying words like "benign" and Boston, but I didn't hear anything, except the blood literally draining from my face and my own heart beating in my ears. Nolan was scheduled for an MRI the following day. What a brave boy he was - he had an hour long scan. I stood next to him the entire time kissing his forehead and stroking his hair. Just enough of his head was sticking out of the MRI machine for me to do this. We got a call a couple hours later and there was indeed a lesion on his femur. His bone was so brittle and weak they had no idea how he was able to bear any weight, let alone skate as he had been doing just that weekend in his hockey tournament. We got some news this morning that no child should ever have to hear. Nolan has cancer - osteosarcoma. If there is a silver lining in any of this news, the chest CT and bone scan were both negative, meaning the cancer has not spread. Nolan will get to receive his chemotherapy at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in collaboration with the doctors at the Jimmy Clinic for 10 weeks then will head to Boston to get the tumor surgically removed, followed by more chemotherapy.

    FMI and to contribute towards his unexpected medical expenses, click here

    Here is Facebook page dedicated to Nolan's fight so you can follow along with his progress:

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