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COVID-19 Information

Casco Bay Hockey Association COVID-19 Guidelines

Casco Bay Hockey Association (CBHA), in conjunction with USA Hockey, the Maine Amateur Hockey Association (MEAHA), the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Maine CDC), local government officials, and local arena staff have developed the following organizational policy related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Casco Bay Hockey developed this policy with the expectation that we will all work together to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that everyone can have a safe hockey season.  Those that do not adhere to these guidelines put all of us at risk from not having a hockey season and will be subject to disciplinary action!

A designated team representative (coach or TA) will be responsible for taking attendance and asking a series of questions at each team event.  A copy of the daily attendance sheet and questionnaire will need to be saved and shared with the COVID-19 Committee using Google Drive.

Everyone is required to wear a face covering at all times when inside the rink.   Players and coaches are required to wear face coverings when on the ice, including skills sessions, games and practices.  Face coverings are also required everywhere on rink property, including in the parking lot.

Under current rink and group gathering guidelines it is Casco Bay Hockey’s expectation that there will be no spectators allowed inside the rink.  Spectators are not allowed at any of Casco Bay Hockey’s home rinks at this time.  This will be updated if there are changes in rink and state guidelines.  Players should plan on arriving at the rink dressed to play.  Parents will need to drop their players off at the door where a team representative will check them in.

Locker Rooms - Traditional use of locker rooms dressing and undressing and meeting with coaches before and after ice sessions is prohibited. Some of our home rinks are using locker room spaces for players to put on skates, helmets and gloves.  All rink guidelines about locker room use must be followed. If locker room spaces are available they can be used, if the following guidelines are followed:

  • Anyone in the locker room (players and coaches) needs to wear a mask. 
  • Rink occupancy limits and/or seating markings for locker room spacing must be followed.
  • No pre-game or pre-practice meetings can be conducted in a locker room.  
  • Post-game or practice, the locker room is not to be used to break down the game/practice, this can be done outside the rink or inside the rink in a space large enough for at least 6-foot social distancing.  Everyone must wear a mask while inside the rink.

What happens if a skater or household member has a positive test or is exposed to anyone with symptoms?  

1. Has your skater been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms (presumed positive) in the past 2 weeks?

  • If YES, the player is withheld from team activities for 10 days after contact with that person.

2. In the past 2 weeks, has anyone in  your household tested positive for COVID-19 or is presumed positive?

  • If YES, the player is withheld from team activities for 10 days after contact with that person

3. Has anyone in your household been exposed to someone with COVID-19?  If YES:

  • COVID Test - If a player or coach has a member of their household that will be taking a COVID-19 test or is waiting on results of a test (due to symptoms or possible exposure) they should not be attending any hockey event until the test result comes back as negative.  If both PCR and rapid tests are taken, both test results must come back negative.  If a player or coach is in quarantine because of exposure to someone with COVID-19 they must stay in quarantine for 10 days (a negative test does not end the quarantine.)
  • Household Quarantine - If a family member in your household is quarantined, a player or coach cannot attend any hockey events until the family member's 10 day quarantine ends UNLESS: It has been at least 72 hours since the family member(s) were exposed and after the 72 hours has passed, that family member has a COVID-19 test and results of the test are negative.  If more than one type of test is performed all test results must come back and be negative. If the person in quarantine does not get a test after their exposure, their family members can return to hockey if they are asymptomatic 7 days after the quarantined family member's exposure.  This does not change the quarantine status of the family member.

4. How long does a player that tests positive for COVID 19 have to wait before returning to hockey?

  • At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
  • Symptoms have improved and
  • A doctor has certified the return for that player

5. What happens if multiple players on the same team test positive or have entered quarantine for exposure during a rolling 14-day period?

  • If three players on the same team have tested positive or are in quarantine (any combination of the two) that team would have to refrain from all hockey activities for two weeks.

Testing positive or entering into quarantine requires notification to Casco Bay Youth Hockey via or phone 207-420-1086.  A parent, guardian, or player should not feel obligated to report this to his/her coach or team administrator.  Parents may notify their child’s coach or TA, but it is not required.  

Casco Bay Hockey will follow the guidance of the Maine CDC regarding notification and contact tracing.  Our intention is to be as candid and forthcoming as possible while respecting the privacy of every member.  The Casco Bay Hockey COVID-19 Committee reserves the right to have rules that are different than current Maine CDC and/or US CDC rules based on our best judgment of our sport and how to keep players safe.  The Committee also reserves the right to examine the application of our rules to each exposure situation and make exceptions when necessary.

We want to have a fun and complete hockey season just as much as our CBHA families do.  Please be respectful of our rules, all ice rink rules, and the rules of the other organizations we play against—it gives us the best chance to be part of the game we all love.


USA Hockey Player Safety and Health:

Maine CDC:

Click here or the document link below to download the Casco Bay Hockey Participant Agreement.

FMI/Questions about Casco Bay Hockey's guidelines please click to email Matt Lambert.


Last updated 1/9/2021

We have attempted to provide some guidance on refunds in the event there is a need for cancellation of all or part of the 2020-21 season. Our registration fees include both up-front and full-season administrative costs that vary by team and level from $50-$100.  These administrative costs cannot be refunded and consist of league fees and association fees, team gear that has already been ordered and maintenance costs at Casco Bay Arena that cannot be recouped by Casco Bay Hockey Association.  We want to be transparent that these are only estimates and final refund timing and amounts will still be subject to Board of Directors approval in response to the specific of the cancellation. Details for each level are included below, if canceled on or before the date shown the corresponding refund percentage would be applied.  Hopefully our refund policy starts and ends with this note.  Please note that late fees are not subject to the refund policy.

Matthew Lambert

Level 90% Refund 50% Refund 20% Refund
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Spartans (except 2006)
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