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Co-ed/Midgets tryout schedule:

U10 (Squirts) - 2009 & 2010 Birth Years
Round 1 - Monday 3/25 - 5:30pm-7:40pm NYA
Round 2 - Thursday 3/28 - 5:30pm-8:50pm NYA

U12 (Pee Wees) - 2007 & 2008 Birth Years
Round 1 - Tuesday 3/19 - 6:40pm-8:50pm NYA
Round 2 - Thursday 3/21- 5:30pm-8:50pm NYA

U14 (Bantams) - 2005-2006 Birth Years
Round 1 - Wednesday 4/3 - 5:40pm-7:50pm TIA
Round 2 - Monday 4/8 - 6:10pm-9:30pm TIA

U16/U18 (Midgets) -  2001-2004 birth years, including 2005’s going into 9th grade
Round 1 - Thursday 3/14 - 5:30pm-8:50pm  NYA
Round 2 - Saturday 3/16 - 10:00am-1:20pm NYA

Skaters will receive an email the day before each tryout date with their exact ice time for the next round.  All skaters will skate in both Round 1 and Round 2.



Q. How many Casco Bay travel teams will there be?
A. We expect to have 2 travel teams at each level U10 through U16, and one U18 team.  Numbers and level of play at tryouts will determine final team counts.

Q. Which league(s) will Casco Bay teams be participating in?
A. Both Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams will be participating in MeAHA.

Q. I heard MeAHA might be eliminating the Tier 2 division for U10 (Squirts).  Is that this true and what does it mean for Casco Bay teams?
A. MeAHA has confirmed there will be Tier 2 divisions at all levels, including U10 (Squirts) in 2019-2020. Starting next season, MeAHA will be hosting a parity round of games in September for all U10 travel (Tier 2 and Tier 3) teams. At the end of the parity games MeAHA will move teams from one division to another, if necessary, to ensure teams are in the correct division to create competitive games. Their goal and expectations are 4 to 5 teams in the Tier 2 division and 6-10 teams in the Tier 3 division.

Q. I heard we were trying to get into the PHL.  What is the PHL and why were we trying to get in?  Why didn’t we get in and what does it mean for next year?
A. The PHL is the Premier Hockey League of New England. Casco Bay’s application to enter our Tier 2 teams in the PHL was not accepted, primarily due to travel distance for the other teams in the league to play games at our home rinks. 

Casco Bay applied to the PHL for our Tier 2 teams to supplement our MeAHA schedule with additional games, as we’ve done in recent years with the EJEPL. We did not apply to the PHL because it offers a level of play/competition higher than MeAHA. Two of this season’s teams competed against PHL teams in the Premier (top) division, and won the majority of the games, some by wide margins. 

Not getting into the PHL does not change things for Casco Bay travel teams in 2019-20.  We will continue to create many travel teams, participate in competitive leagues, and offer quality programming including consistent practice times, full-ice practices, professional skills instruction, tournaments, a chance to compete for a state title, and more!

Q. I heard that Casco Bay has had Tier 2 teams participating in the EJEPL in recent years.  What is the EJEPL and will Casco Bay teams be in the EJEPL league again next year?
A. Casco Bay had 2 teams (U12 and U10 Tier 2 teams) participating in the EJEPL this season. One team (U10 Tier 2) participated in the EJEPL last season (2018-19.) 

The EJEPL is a league of teams  from the east coast of the United States, with most teams located south of Hartford, CT. The EJEPL offers a 16-game regular season schedule, 8 of those games coming in two showcase weekends August and September in the Philadelphia, PA area. 
We are not currently planning to enter teams in the EJEPL in the 2019-20 season. The primary reasons are the inconvenient schedule, travel distances, and the EJEPL’s very high league fees. We intend to better utilize the money spent on the EJEPL by offering more tournaments and skills sessions closer to home and at more convenient times.


Q. If we’re not joining the PHL or EJEPL, what are we doing instead?
A. Casco Bay Tier 2 teams will continue to play in the MeAHA Tier 2 division. We will supplement by participating in at least three invitational tournaments and by scheduling games with comparable teams from NH, MA, RI, and/or CT. We will likely send teams to Canada as we’ve done in recent years, which have been a great experience for the players both on and off the ice. We expect to play a similar number of total games as in recent seasons, with a goal of at least 30 games. There will also be an elevated emphasis on skill development providing additional ice time with professional skill instruction and high repetitions and puck touches.

Tier 2 hockey in Maine presents some challenges as the number of Tier 2 teams is sometimes small. We’ve tried over the years to supplement with other leagues, and the reality is that none of them is a perfect solution. However, we have and will continue to find ways to offer our top players appropriate training and competition.

Casco Bay Tier 3 teams will continue to play in the MeAHA Tier 3 division, which consistently offers 8-12 teams, balanced competition, and reasonable travel. Tier 3 teams will also play in two invitational tournaments. 

Q. What are the anticipated costs for 2019-2020 Casco Bay travel teams?
A. Tuition for 2019-20 Casco Bay travel teams will be similar to this season, approximately $1,500 to $1,700.  For-profit organizations in Maine charge about $2,500 for comparable programming. 

Q. What other programming will be included with travel team tuition?
A. Casco Bay will continue to offer professional dry-land and skills training programs for all travel teams.