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Casco Bay Hockey Association

    Custom-fitted mouthguards available at CBA 11/17 from 9am-noon

    Just for Kids Dentist Steve Mills has partnered with Casco Bay Hockey to offer mouth guards custom-made from a model of your child's teeth.

    • November 17 at Casco Bay Arena, from 9am - 12pm models (molds) will be taken.
    • Final fittings and pick up will be December 1 at Casco Bay Arena from 9am - 12 pm. 
    • Cost is 40.00 with part of the proceeds going to the Casco Bay Scholarship Fund.
    • All mouth pieces will be Casco Bay orange with the Casco Bay logo and the player's name on the mouth piece. 
    • Players with braces are not eligible to have a mold made - they will need to see their own orthodontist. 
    • Checks should be made out to Casco Bay Hockey Association.

    From Dr. Mills:

    Mouthguards come in many forms from store bought ones to dentist created custom fitted mouthguards.   All can help but only those that are correctly fitted and properly worn will do the job well. The best mouthguard is one that fits well, is comfortable, stays in place and does not negatively impact breathing or speaking.   A custom fitted mouthguard made from a model of the players teeth is currently thought to be the best way to achieve these goals.

    Excellent dentist created custom fitted mouthguards can however be difficult to get.  They tend to be expensive, often costing over a hundred dollars. They require two visits to the dentist both for an impression and for the fitting,  And, for many growing players, they only last one season as the teeth are changing continully through certain ages.

    Casco Bay Hockey and Dr. Stephen Mills are trying to bring custom fitted mouthguards to our players in a cost effective and convenient way to our players.  At the session on 11/17 players can have an impression taken for a mouthguard at CBA in Falmouth. Then on 12/1 the players come back to have their mouthguard fitted, adjusted and fine tuned to make sure that they will serve the athlete well.  

    The cost of each mouthguard will be $40 and you should talk to your own dentist to see that this a fantastic price. Each mouthguard is created using an heat pressure lamination technique which is currently thought to be the gold standard for mouth protection.  The athlete will be given his or her model and a case for the guard.

    Dr. Mills has been involved in Sports Dentistry for many years and is passionate about young athletes wearing quality protective devices correctly and comfortably.  He leads mouthguard activities for teams often as a commitment to the young players of Maine. He has just written a chapter in a new textbook on Sports Dentistry on mouthguards and is looked upon as a knowledgeable lecturer, teacher and writer in the world of sports dentistry internationally.  

    FMI about Dr. Mills click here to go to the Just for Kids website.

    Questions? Click here to email Caitlin Jordan, U10 (Squirt) Division Manager, organizer of this event.

    Photo Day is Coming Soon!

    Tier IV (House) Teams - Sunday, November 18th at Mason Motz Recreation Center, 190 Middle Road, Falmouth.  Photos for House Squirts, PeeWees and Bantams will be Sun 12/2 - schedule will be published soon.  Photographs by Rhonda Farnham. 

    Tier IV Mites and Girls Photo Schedule

    10:30 Girls U12
    11:00 Girls U14
    11:20 Mites Seals
    11:40 Mites Canadiens
    12:00 Mites Golden Knights
    12:20 Mites Rangers
    12:40 Break
    1:20 Mites Senators
    1:40 Mites Stars
    2:00 Mites Oilers
    2:20 Mites Sharks
    2:40 Mites Lightning
    3:00 Break
    3:30 Mites Predators
    4:00 Mites Bruins
    4:30 Mites Kings

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