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Welcome Coaches!

Thank you for considering volunteering your time for the upcoming 2023-2024 Casco Bay Hockey season.  In advance of the season, we need to get everyone registered and informed about the required training. We have put together a short list of important notes and dates to help guide you through this process:

  1. All Coaches must do the following before registering with Casco Bay Hockey:
    • Register with USA Hockey to get your confirmation # (link included when you click into the 2023-24 Coaches Registration button on the right of this page)
    • Complete SafeSport training module and have a valid SafeSport Completion Code and Date. These items are located on your Certificate of Completion and are required to register with Casco Bay.
    •  Complete the Age Specific Module(s) for EVERY age group you plan to coach this season. Completion of the modules in advance of the season is a USAH requirement. You will need the completion date in order to complete your Casco Bay Hockey Coaches Registration. Age specific modules are available for registration on the USA Hockey website now and must be completed prior to being able to register with Casco Bay Hockey.
  2. Register with Casco Bay Hockey using the NGIN Coaches Registration link on the right of this page.
  3. Complete the required background screening, if required. 

Once you have successfully registered with USA Hockey, Casco Bay Hockey, and completed the background screening, you need to start thinking about your training requirements for the season.   

Level Certification: All coaches who are not already a Level 4 or 5 must complete a level certification class every season.

  • 8U Exception: If you coach at the 8U level, you are only required to achieve level 1 status. You do not need to level up every year unless you coach another age group. As soon as you start coaching at a different level, you must level up that season.
  • Current Level 3 Coaches: All Level 3 coaches, must complete a one-year online re-certification or take a level 4 (if their coaching certification expires in 2023).
  • Level 4 Coaches: Your certification is good for 3 years, can be re-certified with online courses.
  • Level certification must be completed by December 31st, 2023 for all age groups .  There are no exceptions to this rule. USA Hockey is very strict when it comes to this. Please make sure to register early in the fall for certification classes, in the event you are unable to make it, you will have ample time to re-schedule.
  • You may only take one level certification class per season, and you must start at level 1.
  • Certification classes will be available for registration on the USA Hockey Website.  For 2023-2024 courses are virtual.  New classes are added all the time so if you don't find one that fits your schedule, please continue to check back.
  • Casco Bay Hockey Academy Exception: Break the Ice and Learn to Play do not require USA Hockey Level Certification as described above, but are encouraged to start the process if you plan to continue coaching year after year. Coaches must follow the registration process above (including SafeSport and background screening), however, in order to be eligible to coach in this program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with all of you this season. Thanks again for volunteering your time!


Pat O'Malley
ACE Director
Casco Bay Hockey