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Co-ed 14U and younger: CLOSED.  No late registrations or walk-ins are being accepted.



Tryouts will begin the week of 3/4/24 for COED Spartan birth year teams and some Mariners teams.   Mariners teams are expected to begin tryouts the week of 3/11/24.  Goalies trying out for birth year or Mariners teams will attend a goalie-specific evaluation on 3/4/24.  The goalie-specific tryout is for 10U, 12U, 14U and birth year-specific COED teams only.  This is not for girls teams or for 16U/18U teams.  Goalies may be asked to attend their age-group tryouts for further evaluation or to support the skater tryouts at no extra cost.

If a team only has one tryout date, the registration cost will be reduced.

Girls tryouts will start the week of 3/11 and the full schedule will be updated soon.

The tryout schedule may be found HERE once the schedule is created.  Scheduling depends on registration numbers so the schedule will be released within a week of registration close and is subject to change up until tryouts.


The tryout procedure can be found in the document below.  Birth year and Spartans tryouts will occur prior to Mariners tryouts.  Those who tryout for birth year or Spartans teams and are not selected may try out for Mariners teams at no additional cost.  Players offered a roster spot who decline will be required to pay the full amount for subsequent tryouts.

Players who are offered spots will be contacted after their tryouts have concluded.  This process can take time but every attempt to finish the process in a couple days will be made.  It can take up to a week to complete the process.  If a team is still playing (playoffs) during their tryout dates, players shall be notified once their season is over.

Program Details

Please Note:  Birth year travel Spartans teams  (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011) play in a highly skilled league with a significant amount of travel to MA, RI, NH, VT.   This league is the BHL or E9, one of the premier leagues in New England.  If you don't believe your player is ready for a highly skilled league or you aren't comfortable with more traveling, consider signing up for the Mariners tryout.

If you feel your player's skill is at the top of their birth year group and you are willing to travel further distances for more competition, then a birth year tryout is the right choice. 

If you don't think your player's skill level is high enough to play with the top 15-20 players in your birth year or you aren't willing to travel further distances to find good competition, then a 10U, 12U, 14U tryout is best suited for you.


The season will consist of the following E9/BHL-bound birth year teams: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Teams will compete in the Boston Hockey League in one of three divisions: E9, American, and National.  League games will be located throughout New England.  Teams can expect to play 50-60 combined games against top Tier 1/AAA and Tier 2 teams in New England.

The upcoming season will be Casco Bay Hockey's 5th season playing in the Boston Hockey League, one of America's top youth hockey leagues.  Casco Bay Hockey has placed multiple teams in the E9, one of the most competitive divisions in the country. 

Casco Bay will field a Fall BHL/E9 season for the top 14U team.  Much goes into this decision, including team skill level and commitment.  The fall season will begin in mid-August and conclude in early November.  Once the Fall BHL/E9 season ends the team would begin a MEAHA season and compete for a chance to attend Nationals.   Players participating in the Fall BHL/E9 season will be expected to prioritize their hockey team during the Fall.


The season will consist of the following full-season teams: 10U, 12U, 14U Tier 3, 14U T2. 

Half season (Aug-Nov) teams will consist of the following teams: 16U tier 2, 16U tier 3 and 18U.

Teams will compete in the Maine Amateur Hockey Association (MEAHA) travel league. League games typically begin in late October and end in late February. The MEAHA regular season typically consists of 18-24 games for 10U, 12U and 14U. MEAHA teams cover a geographic area from Bangor to the north, to Rockport to the east, to Biddeford to the south. Teams will likely travel 1-3 times to each MEAHA opponent’s rink for games. Travel to Bangor and Rockport will usually include two games in the same day.

The MEAHA schedule will likely be supplemented with non-league games against MEAHA teams, Casco Bay girls travel teams, and/or out-of-state teams. The goal is a total game schedule, including tournaments, of approximately 40-45 games. Travel is usually limited to Northern New England and nearby Canada, usually within a 3-hour drive.  

For more information on Spartans and Mariners programs, please click here

For Girls program information, please click HERE

Goaltending Development at Casco Bay Hockey

In addition to reduced tuition fees, Casco Bay Hockey goaltenders receive top notch training and resources.  Professional skills instructors with over 100 years of combined goaltending experience will work with your goaltender on a regular basis throughout the entire season.  Casco Bay Hockey goaltenders are enrolled at no cost into the Casco Bay Coast Guard where they receive additional training at goaltender-specific clinics in a goaltender-only environment.  Included in the Casco Bay Coast Guard is access to training videos and other information to help them develop into the goaltender we know they can be.

You can find more information on Casco Bay Hockey goaltending HERE